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Create a Digital Estate Plan

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Firm News |

What happens to your online accounts after you die depends on the laws in your state, the types of accounts involved and terms governing the accounts.  An Executor does not automatically gain access unless you have made arrangements.  You might start with an inventory of your online accounts, their passwords, and your instructions for handling each.  Also, most states have adopted the Access to Digital Assets Act, which allows you to designate a legal rep to access your digital assets.  You can provide that access via Will, Power of Attorney or Trust, but be sure your plan conforms to the law.      Massachusetts currently has no statute that specifically addresses fiduciaries’ rights to access digital assets, and it is one of only five jurisdictions that have not yet passed the uniform act. (Kentucky, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia are the other outliers.) Mar 12, 2020